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​How To Divorce​ Successfully

​The Divorce Summit speakers are renowned professionals who are award winning divorce attorneys, coaches, therapists, psychologists, professors, and authors.  ​Their individual sessions are valuable ​not only because they are jam packed with details you could never get in a private session, but also because they are not pitch sessions.  

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Karen Bonnell
Karen Bonnell, MS

​The Big Picture on ​​Divorce and ​​​the Kids

​Co-Parenting:  How To Do It Well, Even When You Don't Think You Can

While the media and some celebrities paint the picture of co-parenting after divorce as only joy, the fact of the matter is that co-parenting can be extremely challenging. Why?  Because you need to check a good amount of you:  your emotions, your thoughts, your.... at the door.

In this session, author and parenting coach Karen Bonnell, deep dives into and what co-parenting actually looks like in the face of divorce emotions and logistics.  You will discover essential strategies in dealing with conflict, managing transitions between homes, crafting a separation-story that works, and processing your own grief or joy, as well as that of your kids. 

Co-parenting is not easy.  It demands another level of interacting with your ex that can be challenging, confounding, and stressful.  But with a solid plan, you and your kids can thrive in your new family structure.

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Susan Elliott, JD M.Ed

​The Big Picture on ​Life After Divorce

​Getting Over the End of Your Marriage and Getting On With Your Amazing Life

Breaking up isn't easy to do.  Whether you are the one initiating or being blindsided by ​divorce​, you're going to experience the emotional ​storm ​of loss, grief, guilt, anger... But what then?  How do you get through the tunnel and into the light? How do ​you get to the core of these feelings in a way that ​you can truly heal?

With her best selling book that sits at Number TWO (second only to the Bible) on Huffpost's "7 Best Books for Getting Over a Breakup," and her nearly perfect Amazon reviews, Susan Elliott delivers ​actionable methods to get over the end of your marriage and get on with your new amazing life. 

This session isn't ​feel-good fluff, but solid guidance.  Susan gets straight to the heart of catalyzing devastation and loss into "the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You."

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Janice Green, ESQ

​The Big Picture on ​​Divorce and ​the Legal Options

​​Collaborative Divorce VS. Litigated Divorce AND Considerations For Divorce in Your 40's and Beyond

Studies have found that the average divorce costs $15,000-25,000.  As the level of conflict and complexity rise, so does the cost.  One of the three divorce approaches is collaborative divorce.  The actual collaborative divorce process is not simply working together​.  It's an established structure ​and contractual agreement ​to work together WITH your respective specialized divorce attorneys.

With 40+ years of experience and her book Divorce After 50: Your Guide to the Unique Legal and Financial Challenges (Nolo, 3rd Ed. 2016), not to mention dozens of media appearances, expert family law attorney Janice Green walks us through the details of collaborative divorce. 

Janice explores, in depth, the value of and differences between a collaborative vs. litigated divorce.  She also offers insights into whether or not the collaborative process is the right fit.  As a bonus, Janice gives an overview of the issues for divorcing after 45, touching on the financial and legal specifics unique to this age group.

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​Anastasia Higginbotham

​The Big Picture on Divorce ​and the Kids

​Divorce is the Worst... ​the Kids' Journey

Depending on what you read, divorce does and does not damage our children.  But between the statistics and strategies lies the individual truth of that child.  What is divorce actually like from our children's perspective?

Anastasia Higgenbotham's parents divorced when she was 14, rocking her world.  She had no idea that's where they were headed.   ​​But after the divorce while watching her mom rise up like a phoenix​, Anastasia came to redefine for herself who and what a woman can be in this world.  ​ 

Author and illustrator of the "Ordinary Terrible Things" series, including "Divorce is the Worst," ​Anastasia takes us into the experience of her parent's divorce as a 14 year old.

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Jeff Landers, CDFA

​The Big Picture on Divorce and ​the Money

​How Divorcing Husbands Hide and Manipulate for Money

7.5 million spouses hide income in their marriages.  Studies have shown that fighting about money increases the likelihood a divorcing spouse will attempt to hide income.  How do you protect yourself?  What red flags should you look out for to even decide if there's something financially fishy going on? 

In this session Jeff Landers, author, divorce financial expert, and regular contributor to Forbes and Huffington Post, reveals how and why divorcing husbands hide money.  He reveals tactics that husbands use to manipulate divorcing wives out of marital assets and the number one thing you can do to safeguard yourself financially.

You don't need to be a billionaire for this session to be valuable.

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J Anthony Licciardello
J. Anthony Licciardello, CDFA

​The Big Picture on Divorce ​​​and ​​the Money

​The Financially Smart Divorce: 3 Steps to Your Ideal Settlement & Financial Security in Your New Life

Divorce surveys have shown that many people are dissatisfied with their divorce financial settlements.  Why? They didn't have a path to follow ​or any financial guidance along the way.

​In this ​session our speaker, author and divorce financial analyst Anthony Licciardello, introduces you to a three-step process that shows you how to prepare a divorce "game plan", make smart financial decisions during negotiations, and create a settlement that is built around what you need most.  You will also learn the essentials of child support, alimony, and dividing assets and debt, and how to reorganize your financial life once your divorce is behind you.

​As part of this course you will receive a free copy of his books "The Financially Smart Divorce" and "Financially Smart Divorce Planner" so you have the tools you need to put the ideas you learn into action and get moving down the path to financial security.

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Christina Lynn, CDFA, CEP

​The Big Picture on Divorce ​​​and the ​Money

Is Your Division of Assets Fair?  How to Use Financial Reports to De​cide What You Should Keep and W​hat to Walk Away From

Women, on average, experience a 40% decrease in their household income upon divorce.  And the numbers show that divorced women fare worse than married women as far as accumulation of wealth and retirement assets. 

How does this happen?  If women leave with half the marital assets, how do their wealth and assets decline to such an extent?​

In this session, Christina Lynn CDFA, certified divorce financial analyst, explores the difference between the division of assets and debts as a momentary snapshot versus projected out over 2,5, 10, 25+ years.  Using detailed case studies and financial reports, ​Christina deep dives into ​how to use financial reports in your divorce settlement and future financial plan.

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Cynthia MacGregor

​The Big Picture on Divorce ​​​and the ​​Kids

​Parenting Through Divorce:  ​The Daily Do's and Dont's

​​​Research continues to uncover the enormous impact the little things that we say to our children have - in positive and negative ways.  Well, compound these effects when divorce is thrown into the mix.  Suddenly little unconscious digs at your ex, seemingly innocuous statements of frustration, or whatever else is said in less-thoughtful moments can and do immensely influence your children's relationship with the other parent, as well as their own identity.

So what phrases should we steer clear of?  And what phrases can we use?  How do we frame events and situations, where we face being the bad guy or throwing the other parent under the bus?  

Author and speaker Cynthia MacGregor walks us through the minefield of seemingly innocuous phrases that have significant negative impacts.  She counters these all-too-common no-nos with neutral statements that enable us to put our kids first.  

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Dr Joe Nowinski, PhD

​The Big Picture on ​​Divorce and ​the ​Kids

​​The Divorced Child:  Assuring Your Child Thrives During and After Divorce

Annually, over one million new children will experience their parents' divorce or separation.  The good news:  Recent research has concluded that after three years 75% of children of divorce did not differ significantly from their counterparts who were in intact families.  The bad news​:   25% of children of divorce did exhibit signs of significant problems

The question is, "How do you help your child become one of the 75% of kids that are OK?" 

Clinical psychologist Dr. Joseph Nowinski answers this question.  With practical advice backed by research, Dr. Joe will walk you through age-appropriate strategies that address children's developmental needs and challenges.  You'll leave this session with tools to ensure you and your children blossom in the face of divorce.

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Brook Olsen, HHP/SEP

​The Big Picture on Divorce ​​​and ​Conflict

​It Takes Two to Tango, But Only One to End the Dance of High Conflict Divorce and Custody

Divorce doesn't usually bring out the best in anyone.  But what if you are divorcing someone with high conflict personality traits, narcissist or otherwise?  How do you mitigate the damage to protect yourself and your children? 

Brook Olsen, certified parenting educator and founder of the High Conflict Diversion Program, introduces you to an action plan to end the "Dance of High Conflict Divorce and Custody Battles."   However, whether or not you are in a high conflict divorce or not, Brook's strategies for communication and negotiation are certain to make the process significantly less painful and costly.

You will learn to understand and diffuse conflict, ways to protect yourself and your children, how to establish and enforce boundaries, and other valuable tips on structuring your parenting relationship in positive ways that work.

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Belinda Rachman, ESQ

​The Big Picture on Divorce ​​​and the Legal Options

​Mediation:  The Way of the Peaceful Divorce

How does a divorce rack up $25,000+ in legal fees?  Well, first there is the fact that the average attorney bills between $200-$400+/hour.  Then when your two attorneys are working together or speaking, now you've doubled the hourly bill.  ​Finally, when you add in all the filings, appearances, court filed motions and responses, and all the other details like phone calls, emails.... you're lucky to escape with only $25,000.  

And at the end of it all, most cases DO NOT go to trial, but settle well before, either because an agreement is reached or the parties run out of money.

Is there a better way?  Mediation.

In this session attorney and mediator Belinda Etezad Rachman, Esq explains the mediation process and creative options it affords divorcing couples.  You will learn how mediation works and differs from both collaborative and litigated divorce, what you need to do before mediation, who it is best suited for, and how ​you can use it to shape your divorce and new life in ways that court never can.

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​Andrew Root

​The Big Picture on Divorce ​and the Kids

​How the Stories We Tell Make ​Our Kids Whole or Tear ​Them Apart

​How ​we tell the story of ​our li​ves, shapes who ​we are and become.  This self-storytelling is true of our children as well.  When divorce comes into their lives, it can shatter the story of who they are and where they belong.  Andrew Root, describes this as an ontological crisis.  In fact, he ​posits that "nullifying a family through a divorce" can, in our children and ourselves, "call our very existence into question."

What are we to do?  If divorce is imminent, or necessary, how do we help our children craft positive stories of their new selves?

With great understanding and insights, Andrew Root uses his own parent's divorce as a launching pad to guide us into painting positive stories that build resiliency and identity when divorce comes knocking.

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Jennifer Waite

​The Big Picture on ​​Divorce and ​​Betrayal

​​Marriage Betrayal:  Surviving and Thriving After the Storm

Having a baby changes a relationship.  Ask anyone who has been through it.  But what if you discover the person you thought you married, isn't the person you married?  What if you find strange and suspicious things that your spouse tries to explain away, but your gut continues to scream at you? 

Such is Jennifer Waite's, author of "A Beautiful, Terrible Thing:  A Memoir of Marriage and Betrayal," tale.  Happily married with a newborn, Jen's world tumbles down the rabbit hole when she stumbles on an email about her husband's "girlfriend."  This email unravel​s a web of lies and betrayal, propelling Jen into a journey of pain, self-discovery, and triumph.

Jen shares what it was like uncovering her husband's affairs, leaving him to save her sanity, and moving on.

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​Hi​! I'm your summit host, Rachel Beck.

All together, I spent nearly 5 years in the family courts.  Two and a half of those were spent post-decree (after my divorce was finalized) uncovering and proving that my ex had transferred his business to his girlfriend in order to shield that income from child support payments.  For nine months, I represented myself, writing my own petition and motions, appearing before the judge against my ex's bombastic attorney, issuing subpoenas... basically keeping my case alive.  

While I won the case, after a 3 month trial, my son and I sacrificed a lot.  I was a wreck ​the entire time - and not available to be the best parent.  I have some regrets.  I'm not sure I'd do it again.  And I want to use that experience to help others avoid the mistakes and pitfalls I encountered.

Stay Strong.  You're Not Alone.  

Read my story and all my redacted court documents at

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