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The Divorce Summit Featured Speaker ​​​Belinda Rachman, Esq.

​Belinda Rachman, Esq.

Belinda Etezad Rachman, Esq.  ​has been a family law attorney since 1996.   ​But maybe more importantly, ​she was a special education teacher for many years with a Masters in teaching severely emotionally disturbed.  ​The skills of a teacher, getting kids to play nicely and share, ​are the same as that of a mediator.

For the first ​eight years of ​her legal career, she had a traditional adversarial practice. Very quickly ​Belinda began to see the damage our adversarial system does to co-parenting relationships. ​ A child of divorce herself, she has taught many children from dysfunctional families, many of whom were divorced.

​The cost to children when their parents fight is terrible​. ​Belinda didn't want to be part of the problem if she could be part of the solution so ​she walked away and ha​s done nothing but mediation ​since.

​Belinda's Featured Session 

The Big Picture on Divorce ​and the Kids

​​Mediation:  The Way of the Peaceful Divorce

How does a divorce rack up $25,000+ in legal fees?  Well, first there is the fact that the average attorney bills between $200-$400+/hour.  Then when your two attorneys are working together or speaking, now you've doubled the hourly bill.  ​Finally, when you add in all the filings, appearances, court filed motions and responses, and all the other details like phone calls, emails.... you're lucky to escape with only $25,000.  

And at the end of it all, most cases DO NOT go to trial, but settle well before, either because an agreement is reached or the parties run out of money.

Is there a better way?  Mediation.

In this session attorney and mediator Belinda Etezad Rachman, Esq explains the mediation process and creative options it affords divorcing couples.  You will learn how mediation works and differs from both collaborative and litigated divorce, what you need to do before mediation, who it is best suited for, and how ​you can use it to shape your divorce and new life in ways that court never can.

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​Belinda's ​​Resources

​As part of the All-Access Pass, you'll receive 

Belinda's in-depth 70+ page pdf resource and presentation

"​Divorce!  Rescue or Disaster?" 

​ that walks you through 

the divorce process​, including common mistakes and myths.  

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