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Brook Olsen, HHP/SEP

Brook Olsen founded the High Conflict Diversion Program in 2006 and continues to direct its evolution.  He is the author of “The Black Hole of High Conflict”. ​ As a Certified Parenting Educator with the International Network For Children and Families, a Certified Divorce Mediator, and Divorce Coach​, Brook’s training includes 10 years of study in the field of transpersonal counseling, trauma counseling and meditation.

​Brook’s strong knowledge and understanding of how the nervous system works, ​and the role ​it plays in the psychological and physiological reaction of the body to trauma, conflict and anxiety enables him to bring a holistic approach to his work with families caught in the High Conflict cycle.

Brook teaches classes in the High Conflict Diversion Program.  He also ​educates instructors to teach the High Conflict Diversion Program throughout the US and Canada.  ​Additionally, he leads workshops in communication for couples, and is a peer consultant for fellow professionals.

​Brook's Featured Session 

The Big Picture on Divorce ​and ​Conflict

​​It Takes Two to Tango, But Only One to End the Dance of High Conflict Divorce and Custody

Divorce doesn't usually bring out the best in anyone.  But what if you are divorcing someone with high conflict personality traits, narcissist or otherwise? How do you mitigate the damage to protect yourself and your children? 

Brook Olsen, certified parenting educator and founder of the High Conflict Diversion Program, introduces you to an action plan to end the "Dance of High Conflict Divorce and Custody Battles."   However, whether or not you are in a high conflict divorce or not, Brook's strategies for communication and negotiation are certain to make the process significantly less painful and costly.

You will learn to understand and diffuse conflict, ways to protect yourself and your children, how to establish and enforce boundaries, and other valuable tips on structuring your parenting relationship in positive ways that work.

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​Brook's ​Books and Programs 

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