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The Divorce Summit Featured Speaker ​​​​Christina Lynn, ​CDFA CEP

​Christina Lynn, CDFA CEP

Christina has built a thriving business based on her passion for helping people understand their financial situations and then formulating a realistic plan for their future. Christina prides herself on maintaining honesty with her clients and never over-promising or under-delivering.

While ​she has experience as a financial consultant, tax preparer, and retirement planner, she doesn’t specialize in one demographic area because everyone is in need of helping hand when it comes to financial planning- from the young and single, to the elderly. She believes everyone is in needs of a helping hand when it comes to financial planning, from the young and single to the elderly.

Christina likes to help millennials set up affordable IRA accounts, so that they can start planning for their future. She helps small businesses set up retirement plans for their employees; and shows them that the process doesn’t need be costly or complicated.

She also has a love for helping people plan for retirement. Christina says, “At this point in life, you want to be able to sleep easy and have peace of mind about your investments, know that your plan will provide for you what you worked so hard for. I also love retirees that are concerned about investments with market exposure. Remembering the 2008 crash gives people the desire to invest in something where they won’t lose their principal. I am careful to incorporate tax strategy into my plans as well.”

Effective retirement planning is always the end goal, as well as the minimization of taxes. Christina became a qualified tax preparer because of her strong interest in tax minimization. She stands by the fact that none of us should pay more taxes than necessary. So there is no better way to combat tax over payment than with extensive knowledge on the subject.

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and Certified Estate Planner® professional, Christina  is uniquely trained to include valuable insights to protect you and your family for years to come.

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®

Certified Estate Planner®

With every passion and priority Christina has molded Lynn Financial. If you are ready to take the next steps insuring your financial future. Reach out today.

​Christina's Featured Session 

The Big Picture on Divorce ​and the ​Money

​Is Your Division of Assets Fair?  How to Use Financial Reports to De​cide What You Should Keep and W​hat to Walk Away From

Women, on average, experience a 40% decrease in their household income upon divorce. And the numbers show that divorced women fare worse than married women as far as accumulation of wealth and retirement assets. 

How does this happen?  If women leave with half the marital assets, how do their wealth and assets decline to such an extent?​

In this session, Christina Lynn CDFA, certified divorce financial analyst, explores the difference between the division of assets and debts as a momentary snapshot versus projected out over 2,5, 10, 25+ years.  Using detailed case studies and financial reports, ​Christina deep dives into ​how to use financial reports in your divorce settlement and future financial plan.

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