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The Divorce Summit Featured Speaker ​​​​Cynthia MacGregor

​C​ynthia MacGregor

​Born in the suburbs of New York, ​Cynthia moved to the city itself as soon as ​she was old enough to go out on ​her own, eventually transplanting ​herself to South Florida. A part of ​her had always felt ​she belonged where the warm tropical breezes shake the palm fronds into beckoning motions. They beckoned, and in 1984 ​she answered, leaving ​her beloved NY behind. ​ She's since put down roots a mile long.

​Cynthia ha​s been writing for as long as ​she can remember - from back when ​she first learned to spell t-h-e c-a-t. By age 9, ​she had written a play (admittedly short and childish, but a play nonetheless), which was put on at summer camp, and there were stories and poems too, some of which were printed in such places as the newsletter of the arts program ​she took part in, and the local weekly paper in the community where ​she grew up. 

​​Her first book wasn't published till 1993, but ​she's made up for the late start.  ​Cynthia has published over 100 books ​and ​is still going strong. ​Cynthia has NO plan to EVER retire. ​She absolutely LOVES what ​she does. ​

​Her wish for each of you who reads this is that you find your life as fun and as fulfilling as ​she does. 

​C​ynthia's Featured Session 

The Big Picture on Divorce ​and the ​​Kids

​​Parenting Through Divorce:  ​The Daily Do's and Dont's

Research continues to uncover the enormous impact the little things that we say to our children have - in positive and negative ways.  Well, compound these effects when divorce is thrown into the mix.  Suddenly little unconscious digs at your ex, seemingly innocuous statements of frustration, or whatever else is said in less-thoughtful moments can and do immensely influence our children's relationship with the other parent, as well as their own identity.

So what phrases should we steer clear of?  And what phrases can we use?  How do we frame events and situations, where we face being the bad guy or throwing the other parent under the bus?  

Author and speaker Cynthia MacGregor walks us through the minefield of seemingly innocuous phrases that have significant negative impacts.  She counters these all-too-common no-nos with neutral statements that enable us to put our kids first.  

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​Cynthia's ​Books

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