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The Divorce Summit Featured Speaker ​​​Dr. Joe Nowinski

​​​​Dr. Joe Nowinski

​Joseph Nowinski, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized clinical psychologist. He has held positions as assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, associate adjunct professor of psychology at the University of Connecticut, and supervising psychologist, University of Connecticut Health Center. He is currently in independent practice.

​​Dr. Joe's Featured Session 

​​The Big Picture on ​​Divorce and ​the ​Kids

​​Collaborative Divorce VS. Litigated Divorce AND Considerations For Divorce in Your 40's and Beyond

Annually, over one million new children will experience their parents' divorce or separation.  The good news:  Recent research has concluded that after three years 75% of children of divorce did not differ significantly from their counterparts who were in intact families.  The bad news​:   25% of children of divorce did exhibit signs of significant problems

The question is, "How do you help your child become one of the 75% of kids that are OK?" 

Clinical psychologist Dr. Joseph Nowinski answers this question.  With practical advice backed by research, Dr. Joe will walk you through age-appropriate strategies that address children's developmental needs and challenges.  You'll leave this session with tools to ensure you and your children blossom in the face of divorce.

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