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The Divorce Summit Featured Speaker ​​​​Jennifer Waite

​​​​​Jennifer Waite

Hi, I'm Jen

I was in love with my best friend. I married him and we had a baby. And then I found out he was a psychopath. I went through months and months of grief, despair, anger, shock, depression and ANGER. Did I mention anger? I can now say that marrying and having a baby with my ex-psychopath was the best thing that ever happened to me because it opened me up to a truth that I never knew existed. The truth that I was always whole to begin with and that everything I ever needed was already within me. Sound cheesy? I know. But it's the truth. If you're emerging from a relationship with a psychopath or narcissist, my hope is that this blog and my memoir chronicling my own relationship with a man who fit the textbook definition of a psychopath can help you get to the other side as well. 

​​​Jen's Featured Session 

Husband cheating on me

​​The Big Picture on ​​Divorce and ​​Betrayal

Marriage Betrayal:  Surviving ​& Thriving After the Storm

Having a baby changes a relationship.  Ask anyone who has been through it.  But what if you discover the person you thought you married, isn't the person you married?  What if you find strange and suspicious things that your spouse tries to explain away, but your gut continues to scream at you? 

Such is Jennifer Waite's, author of "A Beautiful, Terrible Thing:  A Memoir of Marriage and Betrayal," tale.  Happily married with a newborn, Jen's world tumbles down the rabbit hole when she stumbles on an email about her husband's "girlfriend."  This email unravel​s a web of lies and betrayal, propelling Jen into a journey of pain, self-discovery, and triumph.

Jen shares what it was like uncovering her husband's affairs, leaving him to save her sanity, and moving on.

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​Jen's ​Book

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